Inspired by our wedding photographer and our long time passion in photography, the first DSLR we owned is the Canon 700D, which was purchased for our personal use. From here on we learn more about photography, making numerous trials-and-errors in the process, trading lenses and cameras until we found the perfect equipment that suits our photography style.

As a couple we enjoy travelling and taking photos of people, landscapes and iconic architectures in places we have visited. We also love taking selfies of ourselves in places we travelled to, capturing our moments together and keeping our memories alive.

For us photography is not just a business. This is our true passion and we really enjoy doing what we do. Our work is our pride and joy.

It is our desire to make you experience the same joy and excitement that we feel and to see the beauty in yourself through our artwork, so that you can always look back on these precious moments and share them with your loved ones for years to come.