Portraiture of Fatihah & Friends

“Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey, albeit the beginning of a beautiful one..”

Hats off to Fatihah & friends, all your hard work & burning of midnight oils finally paid off. Our heartiest congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventures!

Fatihah UIA-1000
Fatihah UIA-1002
Fatihah UIA-1003Fatihah UIA-2007
Fatihah UIA-1007
Fatihah UIA-1005Fatihah UIA-2005
Fatihah UIA-1011
Fatihah UIA-1012
Fatihah UIA-1015Fatihah UIA-2013
Fatihah UIA-1017Fatihah UIA-2014
Fatihah UIA-1020
Fatihah UIA-1022Fatihah UIA-2018
Fatihah UIA-1028
Fatihah UIA-1029
Fatihah UIA-1033
Fatihah UIA-1036
Fatihah UIA-1039
Fatihah UIA-2004
Fatihah UIA-2011

Fatihah UIA-2021