Honeymoon in Tioman Island

It was a long weekend due to public holiday and the decision to go to Tioman Island came out of nowhere as we were thinking of an island to go for our honeymoon. Tioman was chosen since both of us are already familiar with islands in the upper east coast and wanted to spend our honeymoon in a fresh, new destination that we have not yet set foot before. The timing wasn’t so perfect as the island was surrounded with haze but we managed to capture some nice shots. In the end it’s not so much of where you are at, it’s who you are with that matters the most..

Day 1-103
Day 1-104
Day 1-105
Day 1-105B
Day 1-105A
Day 1-106
Day 1-107
Day 1-109
Day 1-110
Day 1-111
Day 1-123
Day 1-112
Day 1-113
Day 1-115
Day 1-116
Day 1-117
Day 1-118
Day 1-119
Day 1-119
Day 2-101
Day 2-102
Day 2-103
Day 2-104
Day 2-105
Day 2-106
Day 2-107
Day 2-108
Day 2-109
Day 2-110
Day 2-111
Day 2-112
Day 2-113
Day 2-114
Day 2-115
Day 2-116
Day 2-117
Day 2-118
Day 2-119
Day 2-120

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