Pre-honeymoon in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a very nice destination for the newly weds. We chose this location as our pre-honeymoon destination to enjoy the cool, clean air and beautiful sceneries across the hill. A visit to the Boh tea plantation is a must as this place offers relaxing and breathtaking view of the tea valley which is perfect for outdoor photoshoot.

Cameron Day1-101
Cameron Day1-102
Cameron Day1-103
Cameron Day1-104
Cameron Day1-105
Cameron Day1-106
Cameron Day1-107
Cameron Day1-108
Cameron Day1-109
Cameron Day1-110
Cameron Day1-111
Cameron Day1-112
Cameron Day1-113
Cameron Day1-114
Cameron Day1-115
Cameron Day 2-101
Cameron Day 2-102
Cameron Highland-121
Cameron Day 2-103
Cameron Day 2-104
Cameron Day 2-105
Cameron Day 2-106
Cameron Day 2-107
Cameron Day 2-108
Cameron Day 2-109
Cameron Day 2-110
Cameron Day 2-111
Cameron Day 2-112
Cameron Day 2-113
Cameron Day 2-114
Cameron Day 2-115
Cameron Day 2-116
Cameron Day 2-117
Cameron Day 2-118
Cameron Day 2-119
Cameron Day 2-120

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