Bukit Tinggi on Malaysia Day

It was a celebration of Malaysia Day and we wanted some fresh air after weeks of haze in KL city. We chose Bukit Tinggi, Pahang as the location for our short retreat as it is the nearest hill resort from KL city center. The beautiful landscape around this place is perfect for our first trial photography session.

We continued our journey further up the hill to the Japanese Village. Located 3500 feet above sea level, this village is the first of its kind outside Japan. The lush rain forest and Japanese themed garden surrounding this area provide tranquility to visitors seeking for retreat and perfect as a unique outdoor photography location close to Klang Valley area.

As it turns out we are very happy with the outcome of our first try. Happy viewing and feel free to leave your comments here.

WP Bkt Tinggi-102
WP Bkt Tinggi-103
WP Bkt Tinggi-101
WP Bkt Tinggi-104
WP Bkt Tinggi-105
WP Bkt Tinggi-106
WP Bkt Tinggi-107
WP Bkt Tinggi-108
WP Bkt Tinggi-109
WP Bkt Tinggi-111
WP Bkt Tinggi-201
WP Bkt Tinggi-202
WP Bkt Tinggi-203
WP Bkt Tinggi-204
WP Bkt Tinggi-205
WP Bkt Tinggi-207
WP Bkt Tinggi-206
WP Bkt Tinggi-209
WP Bkt Tinggi-210
WP Bkt Tinggi-211
WP Bkt Tinggi-212
WP Bkt Tinggi-213
WP Bkt Tinggi-214

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